Healthy Organizations Are the Foundation of Strong Cultures

"A company's culture is a significant source of  competitive advantage."

                                     Robert Stringer


Culture Design and Transformation


If you are experiencing  high performing employees leaving for new positions and low employee engagement, you are watching money walk out your door.

The  cost of turnover can be hundreds of thousands of dollars for one employee, alone. Disengaged employees cost you 34% of their annual salaries in lost productivity every year.

These issues often point to an ineffective company culture or management issues.

Utilizing the Human Synergistics assessment and tools, we have a proven methodology that reduces your turnover and increases your employee engagement.

Mergers and Acquisitions



Did you know that 50%-85% of all mergers and acquisitions fail because no one is paying attention to the "People Part"?

That's a staggering number, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Often the focus is on the financials and due diligence without including giving much thought to the people side of the business

This is where Silk Mountain comes in.  We assist with the 6  key elements of a successful sale: 

  • Due Diligence
  • Compliance
  • System and Processes Analysis
  • Culture Analysis
  • Employee Communications
  • Post-Acquisition Integration

Effective execution of the 6 key elements results in employees that adapt to change more rapidly, which reduces your turnover , increases your employee engagement and allows for a smoother integration of the culture, 



Strategic Expertise


 Whether you need sound advice on topical issues, a fractional HR Leader, or have specific strategic initiatives on the horizon, we can help, and  all consulting support aligns with your culture.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Ad hoc Advisement 
  • Change Management
  • Off-Site Facilitation
  • Training and Development  for leaders and new managers
  • Learning and Development- strategic training plans, curriculum design, facilitation and evaluation
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic HR Initiatives