"I have worked with Melissa on multiple projects over the past few years and her approach to solving problems has been very beneficial to my organization.  Melissa takes a very straightforward approach to solving issues and gives support and strong background information for her responses.  She presents information in a very well thought out and professional manner.  I look forward to continuing my working relationship with Melissa going forward."

  CFO, Construction                                                                                                                                            


"Melissa knows how to fit in at each level of the organization, making herself approachable and respected. What I appreciated most about working with Melissa is her unwavering appreciation for people and the role she plays. She is a thought-leader and counsel."  

Operations Leader, High Tech


"Melissa is an outstanding business professional who is well-versed in a broad scope of human resources functions. She focused on providing excellent service. I could always count on her for brainstorming assistance. Her problem-solving skills are outstanding and interacting with her was just FUN. Working with her was definitely the best part of the job!"


President,  Services

"Melissa came on board  as a consultant to develop a compensation plan .  She  has exceptional HR knowledge.  She practically started from scratch and took on the daunting task of matching our positions with an outside survey to creating a salary structure that would work for our growing company.  She listens and shifts gears as needed to accomplish the task at hand.  On an interpersonal level, she is very effective in presenting ideas and concepts to the executive team.   I really enjoyed our collaboration, teamwork, and appreciated her owning the project  to completion . "                                          

 VP, Manufacturing