Are You Interested in a High-Performing Culture?


As the founder, owner, or CEO of your company, it is your responsibility and privilege to establish the vision and values that comprise your company culture.

Without your direct involvement, your  culture will evolve without you, and may not reflect your vision and values. That’s where we come in.

It all starts with an assessment of your current culture.  Your vision should be crisp and aspirational, and your values should be aligned in such a way that they are observable, behaviorally driven, and systemic in your organization.  

We work in tandem with you to ensure alignment, and if you need to retool, we have the capability to get it done.

Do You Have a New Team, or a Team That Needs a Refresh?


Whether it’s a team of employees, or your leadership team, we offer an engaging  workshop that takes your team from self-discovery to action planning.  Each team member has their own MBTI®  personality type, and the team, itself, has a personality type all its own.  

Employees leave this session with a deep understanding of their own MBTI®  type and the MBTI® types of their team members. They also gain a deep understanding of the overall team MBTI® type, its strengths and challenges, and how they personally contribute to team success.  

Each participant receives two customized reports: an individual MBTI®  report and an MBTI® team report that explains how their own type naturally supports the team, and what blind spots they have that could potentially inhibit team success.

 We also offer additional customized MBTI®  action planning workshops, based on specific  issues that a team is currently facing.

Do You Need Some Help?


Whether you need sound advice on topical issues, a fractional HR Leader, or have specific projects on the horizon, we can help, and  all consulting support aligns with your culture.

  • Fractional HR Leadership
  • Ad hoc Advisement and Support 
  • Change Management
  • Off-Site Facilitation
  • Training and Development  for leaders and new managers
  • Learning and Development- strategic training plans, curriculum design, facilitation and evaluation
  • Developing the HR Function
  • Specific HR Initiatives


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